Dave Fry and Andy Whorton have used mixture of Vorobiev/Yugov gear and Mazniak equipment. Although the Mazniak gear showed great potential it is still the Vorobiev/Yugov gear that is dependable when a decent time is needed. Models are assorted with the Yugov models being home built and and the Mazniak models being Ukrainian units. Andy Whorton has always moulded his own propellers and has also produced some carbon fibre fuselage mouldings.


Dave and Andy struggled to get inside 3:30 in 1999 with their new Mazniak equipment, finally managing it at their last competition of the season with a 3:27.9. A couple of the Mazniak motors showed lightning speed but restarts proved impossible once the motors built up any real heat. A lack of practice was also a problem, mainly caused by Andy moving house and getting married early in the season.


In 2000 Dave and Andy continued experimenting with the Mazniak gear but still with unpredictable results. Significant improvement in consistency was obtained by reducing the cooling with plastic tape but not to an acceptable level. It was again to be the Yugov equipment that gave the better results and the ended up in 6th place within the team qualification table - their best being a 3:25.1 at the Nats and the average ending up at 3:36.1. Flying in a total of 7 events they finished up in joint 3rd place within the racing league on 23 points (alongside Heaton/Broadhead)


In 2001 they had a very poor start to the year and decided to concentrate on the Yugov gear for the latter half of the season. As a result they ended up counting all six times from the last three competitions flown and had a best time of 3:28.5 with an average of 3:34.6 putting them in 6th place on the team qualification table. Flying in 7 events during the year they ended up in 5th place on the racing league table with a total of 19 points. During 2001 Andy and Dave experimented with a couple of new Yugov models but did not get enough consistency from these to benefit from their fast airspeeds.