Derek Heaton and John Broadhead have been totally Mazniak based using the aluminium case version of this motor having sold on their steel front-ended unit. Tank systems are also the latest Mazniak system with a reed valve used in the prime system. They have made use of the Ev Davies version of the Mazniak propeller and reverted back to the normal setup having experimented with modifications that gave wonderful practice speeds but proved to be inferior under racing conditions. 


Models have been those supplied by Bondarenko (Ukraine) which are very light and stiff (but have reduced cooling arrangements which have given some problems).

Derek and Johns fastest time of 1999 was a 3:20.9 at the National Championships and they missed out on first place in the final by just 3.8 secs. Their average at the end of the season was 3:24.9. 


In 2000 Derek and John put in a number of quick times and managed to pip Langworth/Campbell for second place within the team qualification tables. Their fastest time was a 3:17.1 and the ended up with an average of 3:21.2 - just a tenth of a second in front of Bernie and Dave. As the flew in just 7 competitions they only scored 23 points in the racing league and finished joint 3rd with Fry/Whorton


In 2001 they did not managed to cluster as many good times together and this - combined with only 8 competitions being flown in brought their average down to 3:27.3 (their best being a 3:16.9). In the league they totaled 27 points to claim 3rd place

Derek and John announced that they were stopping flying together at the end of 2001 and that two cross pairings might be formed - Heaton/Campbell and Langworth/Broadhead