Bernie Langworth and Dave Campbell continued to use the Vorobiev/Yugov motors in an assortment of models during the 1990s. The production of these motors was taken over by Victor Yugov (from Oleg Vorobiev) and, although difficult to obtain, there was plenty of potential in this equipment. Bernie and Dave produced their own fuselage mouldings and propellers.


Bernie and Dave had a number of wins at domestic events early in 1999 but had no international successes during that season. Their fastest qualifying time was a 3:19.2 and they ended up with an average of 3:22.2


In 2000 Bernie and Dave put in a few quickies and finished with a best time of 3:16.7 and an average of 3:21.3 within the team qualification tables. Flying a total of 13 competitions they pushed Ross/Turner all the way and finished just 3 points behind them in the racing league with 58 points.


In 2001 they flew in just 8 events and, as a result only scored 22 points in the league - placing 4th. Despite this they were able to finish 2nd in the team qualification tables with a best time of 3:21.7 and an average of 3:24.5. Having been disappointed with events at the European Championships when Bernie was disqualified in the third round for trying too hard Bernie and Dave announced that they were "packing up" at the end of the 2001 season.