Geordie Nats Albermahle - September 8th 2002

Report from Paul McPeake

Sept 8th turned out to be a quite nice day at Albemarle. Sunny periods, light winds and not a hint of rain until 4 pm. Four teams turned up to fly, Langworth/Broadhead, Fitzgerald/Thomason, Holmes/Robson and McPeake/Robinson.

Unfortunately our first Profi model developed a strange weave and the second model persisted in binding the wheel up though it was perfectly free when looked at and no-one had a convincing explanation as to why it should bind on take off and landing. We therefore scratched from the comp leaving three teams.

In the first race Holmes/Robson failed to get their Mazniac started during the warm up and into the air for the race. Later examination showed stripped
head bolts were the problem. Fitzgerald/Thomason loaned them a BP model for the second race but Dave had a lot of problems, the engine coughing and refusing to run cleanly.

Everyone had had enough by now so F2C stopped, John and Bernie kindly running the Goodyear and Vintage events.

This was probably the last F2C race there will ever be at Albemarle.

Still, at least there was the carrier deck, combat, Goodyear and vintage T/R to enjoy.

Results:- Both races started as 3 up events.

Heat 1 :-

Fitzgerald/Thomason         3.29.0
Langworth/Broadhead         3.41.3
Holmes/Robson                 DNS

Heat 2 :-

Fitzgerald/Thomason         3.29.3
Langworth/Broadhead         3.30.5
Holmes/Robson                 DNS