Pepinster International - August 14th/15th 2004

The annual Pepinster event was held over the weekend of August 14-15th and the F2C event attracted just 13 entrants this year. Weather on arrival was cool and overcast on the Saturday with racing starting at midday.
Fastest in the first round were Langworth/Broadhead - recording a 3:19.7 in the second race of the day. The two teams of Fischer/Straniak (AUT) and Ougen/Surugue (FRA) both flew in two-up races at the end of the first round and recorded 3:23.5 and 3:23.6 respectively to claim 2nd and 3rd spots.
The second round saw many teams improve with Mohai/Nitsche (HUN/AUT) recording the fastest time of the heats - a 3:15.3. The two French teams of Ougen/Surugue and Bucci/Perret also went inside 3:20 to fill the next two places after the end of round 2.
Round 3 was pretty disastrous as many teams tried to hard to get into the 6 semi-final positions - the fastest time recorded being a 3:25.1. Several disqualifications were issued in this round and Fitzgerald/Bollen wrote their model off when their take off tangled with a landing model and they performed a perfect 3/4 loop into the deck.
The Sunday saw blue skies and a nice warm day with plenty of sunshine.
In the first round of semis Fischer/Straniak immediately led the way with a 3:17.2 and Dessaucy/Dessaucy (BEL) put in a 3:22.0 in the same race. No other "fast" times were recorded in the first round with Ougen/Surugue being disqualified in a "robust" race for whipping and holding centre - other teams getting reflies after landing their models to avoid a dangerous situation evolving.
In the second round of semis both Fischer/Straniak and Langworth/Broadhead opted not to fly thus giving a chance to two refly teams. The fastest time of the meeting came in the second race with Ougen/Surugue taking advantage of an easy race to record a superb 3:08.6 - this despite clipping the prop at the last stop !!. Mohai/Nitsche put in a 3:22.8 and Borer/Studer a 3:22.9 but neither of these was fast enough for a final place.
All three models got away well at the start of the final with Ougen/Surugue clearly the fastest in the air but a bit "close" on setting. During the second tank the French model overheated and had to be backed off at the second stop. Dessaucy/Dessaucy had restart problems towards the end of the race and the French model now ran cold following the early adjustment. Fischer managed to survive to the end - despite looking exhausted and were first over the finish line with a 6:51.2 - Dessaucy/Dessaucy around 5 laps behind on a 6:59.8 and Ougen/Surugue coming home with 7:14.9.
Congratulations to the Belgian Club for a well organised event, a great banquet (fondue affair) and a fantastic array of trophies.
(thanks for this report - supplied by Dave Rudd)


1 FISCHER J / STRANIAK H AUT 3'23"5 58 laps 3'26"7 3'17"2   6'51"2
2 DESSAUCY L / DESSAUCY J BEL 3'31"2 3'20"8 3'38"6 3'22"0 50 laps 6'59"8
3 OUGEN T / SURUGUE R FRA 3'23"6 3'18"4   DISQ 3'08"6 7'14"9
4 MOHAI I / NIETSCHE H HUN/AUT 3'25"5 3'15"3   3'25"2 3'22"8  
5 BORER H / STUDER H SUI 3'41"8 3'31"7 DISQ   3'22"9  
6 LANGWORTH M /BROADHEAD J GBR 3'19"7 3'23"2 3'25"1 3'33"5    
7 FITZGERALD M / BOLLEN T GBR 3'43"9 3'25"6 DISQ 3'34"6 3'38"5  
8 BUCCI L / PERRET JP FRA 3'26"5 3'19"8 DISQ 4'00"6 69 laps  
9 MILES D / YELDAHM G GBR 4'00"4 3'34"2 3'57"1      
10 PIERRON F / PERRET M (juniors) FRA 4'33"2 3'51"8        
11 KOLLAR S / SURUGUE G FRA 4'01"8 43 laps DISQ      
12 METKEMEIJER B / METKEMEIJER R NED 5'16"8 4'02"2 4'10"1