Ross/Turner :-

Since the early 1990's this team have used their own gear. Brian Turner now manufactures almost everything with terrific attention to detail. (Brian even sinters his own aluminium for piston material)

Over the last few years Malcolm and Brian have continued to improve and the benefits of producing their own motors are now showing with even the top Russian and Ukrainian teams struggling to keep up since 1999.

Models incorporate a home moulded carbon fuselage of minimal shape within the current rules. Also minimal is the application of decoration as can be seen. Apart from the compulsory identification number everything is its natural colour to save weight.

Malcolm and Brian have had a wonderful 1999 season which included their 2nd place at the Euro Champs, 1st Place at the Grand Prix de France and winning the British National Championships. Their best qualifying time was a 3:15.6 and their average qualifying time of 3:16.9 is way ahead of the opposition. They actually did a 3:13.6 at the Northern Gala (not on the qualifying competition list) and what they achieved that season was fantastic. 

During 2000 Malcolm and Brian carried on as they had left off in 1999. In the team qualification table they finished well clear of the field with a best time of 3:15.3 and an overall average of 3:17.3. Flying in 11 competitions they also won the F2C Racing League with a total of 61 points

In 2001 they continued to improve and finished well ahead of the bunch again with a best time of 3:11.9 and an average of 3:15.7. Flying in a total of 13 competitions they scored 60 points in the racing league and finished 27 points ahead of the second placed team. At the European Championships in Spain they looked on to win the F2C event having put in a 3:13.1 to qualify for the final but suffered fuel feed problems at the start of the final and ended up in third place.