Steve Smith and Colin Brown began the 1999 season racing their own gear but were having very intermittent results. Steve’s motor were based on the old Cipolla design and some good times were recorded amidst many poor ones. Mid season, however, Steve switched to Mazniak Motor/Valve/Propeller combinations in his own carbon fibre bodied model and some excellent times were recorded in the latter half of the season.

Steve and Colin continued to improve throughout the season and there best result was a win at the Grand Prix of Luxembourg in September. Their fastest time was a 3:17.4 at that event and a qualifying average of 3:20.1 was remarkable considering the change of equipment mid season. Clearly the numerous practice session helped here !

In 2000 Steve and Colin struggled to get their gear to perform in a stable manner. It would go like a bullet one minute and then be all over the place the next. In the team qualification tables the ended up 5th with a best time of 3:23.5 and an average of 3:29.4. Only flying in 6 events they finished 6th in the racing league with a total of 14 points.

In 2001 they failed to show at most competitions and it was generally felt that they were not going to bother but a good result at the Nationals when they put in a 3:21.1 seemed to inspire them and they flew in just about every event from then on. As a result they finished in 4th place on the team qualification table - counting 7 of the 8 times from the last four competitions flown, with their best being the 3:21.1 at the Nats and having an average of 3:28.3. As they only flew in 5 events they scored just 12 points in the league and finished in joint 7th place with Miles/Yeldham