Who can't we find ??


The following list shows the folks from our school year who we have not managed to locate at this time

If anyone has any ideas as to how we might trace the whereabouts of anyone on this list please let us know - even if they do not wish us to actualy make contact with them it would be good to be able to cross them off this list


Judy Bate    
Andrew Betts    
Jill Brown    
Christopher Butlin    
Anthony Collins    
Louise Cox    
Susan Cox    
Malcolm Davies    
Barbara Echells    
Bob Greatorex    
Faith Grunbaum    
David Heath    
Tom Hosgood    
Stephen Ingram    
Martin Jones    
Michael Joyce    
Roberta Livermore    
Michael Lyon    
Imogen Pountney    
Martin Poynton    
Christopher Read    
Tony Smedley    
Phil Spencer    
Jennifer Strickland    
Janet Turvey    
Julie Ann Wilson