A Few Notes about the Photographs

The Photos contained on these pages have had to be limited in size because of web space constraints and download times for you all

As a result - all of the pictures have been posted with a maxiumum resolution of 600 pixels in either direction.

This limit is not imposed, however, with the copies I am storing to put on the CD when it is completed. Many of the photos have been scanned in at around 4 times the size seen on the web page.

I have also managed to scan and build a complete image of the year photo from a copy Greg lent me and this will be included on the CD in various sizes. It is far too big to post on the web page - taking 200 meg at the highest density

Please let me know if you have pictures we can add to the site

A Note about Privacy

If anyone prefers me to remove a photo in which they are present please do not hesitate to let me know and I will do so.

I understand perfectly if you don't want a photo of yourself on the web but, unfortunately, I have not had time to contact everyone while working on the posting of all the pictures

Andy Whorton