UK F2C Team Race Selection

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(For World and European Championships)

Following the method used for F2C team selection during recent seasons we are continuing with the same policy with 8 counting times assuming that there are enough competitions planned. The selection method is currently as laid out below with all details being recorded in a spreadsheet :-

New section 4.0.3 to appear in both CL Rule Books. F2C Team Race Team Selection Rules The best 8 times recorded in "three-up" races to count unless exceptional circumstances occur.(See Under exceptional circumstances i.e. insufficient "three-up" races due to bad weather etc, times recorded in two-up races may be taken into account. A maximum of two times shall be taken from any one competition. Times shall be eligible only when recorded at:

(a) The BMFA National Championships.

(b) Any BMFA meeting designated as a Team Selection event at the start of the season.

(c) Any BMFA meeting held on a published reserve date.

(d) Any Official FAI International (including World or Continental Championships). Two reserve dates will be published to cover cancellations caused by situations that are beyond the control of the organisers. Venue changes within a reasonable distance (approximately 150 miles) of the original venue are permitted only on the published date. The list of eligible Team Selection competitions, including two reserve dates, shall be published on the BMFA website and in the BMFA News Contest Calendar. Unless organising an event (see item 11) when the minimum number is then reduced to 3, teams shall compete in a minimum of 4 BMFA designated Team Selection events excluding the Nationals. At the end of the season, the average of the eight recorded times will be taken and a recommendation based on these figures will be made to the Control Line Technical Committee for it to select the team members, plus reserve team, for the following year’s Championship. Charts will be available throughout the season so that competitors can monitor their position. Teams may elect, at the beginning of the year when the Contest Calendar is published, to run one of the Team Selection events. Any team who runs one of the Team Selection events (AND does not participate in it) will only have to record 6 and not 8 times. Should an event be cancelled because of weather conditions or some other unavoidable circumstance, the team who volunteered to run that event will be offered the chance to run the event on one of the reserve dates if the dates have not already been utilised.

Note: The F2C Team Selection procedure was revised at the Control Line Technical Committee meeting held on 10th December 2005 and is effective from 2006.

The Qualification Table from the 1998 Season

The Qualification Table from the 1999 Season

The Qualification Table from the 2000 Season

The Qualification Table from the 2001 Season

The Qualification Table from the 2002 Season

The Qualification Table from the 2003 Season